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A Dress for ALL Seasons

Posted Julie Ann Davis Fashion Style

What makes you think about getting a new dress? Well there are many occasions to wear a dress if you don’t wear one everyday. There’s always weddings, showers, graduations, recitals, reunions, vacations, dances, fancy dinners, fundraisers, cocktail parties, funerals and birthday parties just to name a few.

The advantage to wearing a dress to these events is that you don’t have to find two things to match; it’s one piece you can wear that looks stylish and sharp. Also, dresses can be very cool to wear in hot climates, are great for layering, and offer comfort that constricting clothing like jeans can’t.

Believe it or not, you can use one dress and create many looks. You can take the same dress from casual to dressy with a few simple accessories. And the bonus is that your dress becomes a versatile ALL season ALL occasion investment!

Here are some easy ways to change the look of a dress:

Belts. Does the dress come with a belt? If not, add one in either a matching color of the print or a contrasting color. If it does come with a belt switch it out for one of a different color, texture or width. While you are at it, get shoes and a matching handbag!


Cardigan. Sometimes I really want to wear a dress but get discouraged at how cold it is in Buffalo, NY. Here’s where layering becomes an art-form. The easiest thing to do is get a basic cardigan to layer over your dress. You can get one in a matching color or contrasting color. Cardigans are great because of their versatility. If you’re too warm you can take it off, you can wear it opened or closed or over your shoulders. If you wear it over your shoulders or open, try sweater clips. They are a great accessory, to take your look to the next level. Plus when you wear them, you really don’t need to add a necklace. Also if the cardigan is fitted without being lumpy over your dress, you can button it up and wear a belt over it, whether it’s the belt that came with the dress, or one that you added later.


Bolero or Shrug. A bolero is a little something to add on to any dress. It keeps your back and shoulders from catching a chill. Some of them tie in the front giving you the option of not having to wear a necklace because of the cute little bow.


Tank Top / T Shirt / Pullover Sweater. Tanks and Ts are great because they really go with everything including dresses. Do you have a sleeveless dress without a lot of detail on the bodice? Throw a T shirt over it, preferably one dark enough to hide the bodice of the dress underneath. Then it looks like you are wearing a skirt and T shirt. To add another layer throw a cardigan over the T or belt or both! You can do the same thing with a tank top, and pull over as long as they hide the dress underneath.

Button Down Shirt. A fitted button down shirt should be your best friend. You can layer it under most dresses and then the dress becomes more of a jumper. Alternatively you can wear it over a dress and tie it at the waist in lieu of a bolero for a more casual feel. Plus you can wear it with practically every style skirt (but I’ll hold off… skirts are for a different discussion!)

Jacket. Jackets are a little more limited as you can only wear them over a dress. Throw a suit jacket over a dress for a retro collegiate look or a leather jacket for a more tough punk rock don’t-mess-with-me style.

Crinoline. Again crinolines are limited in how you can wear them unless you want to relive the early Madonna years. Crinolines should be worn under full or nearly full skirts and dresses. You can get them to match the dress or in a contrasting color for fun. These can really change how a dress looks, especially if you add one of the items mentioned above too.


Finally, to get more use out of your dresses add shoes and jewelry. Don’t be afraid to wear your dresses with different shoes. If you wear a summery halter, sleeveless, or strapless dresses you can pair them with flip flops, espadrilles, and slides. In contrast if it’s a more fall/winter style dress chances are you can wear it with tights and shoes.

Of course there’s always jewelry to add as well! Necklaces, earrings and bracelets along with sweater clips, brooches, and rings to complete your outfit.

Don’t forget the pantyhose, scarves, hair bows or hair flowers too! Many of the bows and flowers can be used in different ways by clipping them on jackets or sweaters.


There are so many ways to wear a dress and Cats Like Us has many styles to please. We offer a wide variety of dresses that are good investments because they are updated classic shapes with personality. Sure to make you feel good and never go out of fashion!

Enjoy dresses, the multi-taskers!

Julie Ann

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