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Shopping Cents : Confessions of a Bargain Shopper

Posted Meagan Kyla Hendrickson Fashion Style

You know those people rummaging through the clearance rack, shopping sales, and using coupons at the cash out? Yep, that's me, I am a bargain shopper and proud of it. I love fashion and I like to get the most bang for my buck, so I can splurge on purchases from my golden list of “I want that”. Don't get me wrong, I'm not cheap, I don't buy items just because they are on sale for the sake of them being on sale. Keeping myself on a short leash while shopping sales, keeps my wallet happy and prevents my closet from being a vortex of mismatched items. I like to think of my wardrobe as a collection of ever growing possibilities. When staying focused and organized it allows my imagination to run wild when I'm heading out for an adventurous night on the town, or when I reach in (while I'm in a rush) and grab those old reliables that always look great.

I'm not going to lecture you on what to wear, as your style is your prerogative, but I wanted to touch upon people saying, “I can't afford to look good”, or “It's just too expensive”. Shelling out $150 for a dress may not be in the cards for you at the moment, but putting that dress on your “I want that” list isn't gonna cost you a thing. My philosophy is the old adage, “Save your pennies”, I really truly believe in that statement as I ain't rich! If you give yourself a little play money from each pay check and save up, that _________ can be yours in no time. You work hard, so treat yourself!

Why pay that kind of money? You have to weigh the pros and cons about an article of clothing when purchasing, asking yourself; Where can I wear this to? How many times would I wear this? Is this piece versatile? Can I style this with other pieces in my wardrobe? A lot of the times it's better to have a few quality pieces than a closet full of mall store cheapies that will only last you one season. Who wants clothing that falls apart after one washing?! Granted, I'm guilty of shopping for what I call “disposable fashion” as you need to treat yourself to a trendy piece for instant gratification, yet have you ever stopped to take a look at the construction of those cheapies, eeeeek!


Lucky 13 Zebra crop.jpg

Button up sweaters are a personal favorite of mine to pair with casual and special occasion outfits. A cardigan sweater like the Marilyn Zebra Crop Sweater by Lucky 13 can help to double and even triple your wardrobes versatility. I'm also a sucker for zebra print *wink*.


The quality of a garment, where it was made and how it was made is often overlooked while amidst a shopping frenzy. It's hard to look at clothing tags while you're shopping online, but keep in mind, the time, effort, and passion in that goes into designing the garments. The independent designer may produce the pieces themselves or have a small team that helps, so buying their designs helps their company and name get more exposure. I really like that Cats Like Us supports smaller companies by buying their products and proudly supports, and represents them by their awesome personal customer service.


 Lynette Love Dress.jpg

The Lynette Love Birds Dress by Dolly Valentine is an exclusive to Cats Like Us! The designer Miss Dolly created this wonderful dress and it is a gal's dream! Both Julie Ann and myself own Dolly Valentine dresses and we highly recommend every lady own one of Miss Dolly's creations! Check out the dress review by Miss Aubrey London!


Image from Pixabay

So, I'll stop yammering on about “save those pennies” and wish you happy shopping! Don't forget to subscribe to the newsletter here, to receive information about upcoming Cats Like Us sales and promotions.




-Meagan Kyla

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