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Hair : How To Rock A Snood

Posted Meagan Kyla Hendrickson Hair Style

Whaaaaaa? What the heck is a Snood?! A snood is basically a fancy hair net, worn at the crown of the head that keeps your hair back and away from your face. Were you at Viva Las Vegas and saw ladies rockin' 'lunch lady chic' and were totally confused? Those fine ladies were giving a salute to the ladies of the 30s and 40s, who wore Snoods in their hair during the World War II era. Since most everything was rationed during the war, women wore Snoods as a statement of support for their war time commitment. Even though Snoods have been dated back to the Middle Ages, they are a useful and fashionable hair accessory that modern retro enthusiasts adorn.

Let's get snood-y! *wink*

Supplies you will need:

  1. Hot rollers or curling iron

  2. Bobby pins

  3. Hair spray

  4. Comb or brush

  5. Snood

  6. Hair flower

Basic snood hair style


I recommend rolling your hair into hot rollers, using a curling iron, or whatever method of your liking to get your hair to curl. We are setting the hair with curlers to gain more body, so getting the curls perfect is not neccessary as we're place the hair into the snood! Tip-If you're in a rush, you can simply skip this step.


After taking the hair out of the rollers, give your hair a light brushing to soften the curls. Gather all your hair back and away from your face into a ponytail, there is no need for an elastic hair tie as we want the hair to be loose within the snood. Using one hand hold onto the gathered hair and use the other to slip the hair into the snood. You want all hair to be within the snood, make sure you wrangle all those stray locks!


Once you have all your hair within the snood, pull the snood up to the crown of your head. Since the snood by Viva Dulce Marina is elasticized, you can stretch the netting without fear of it ripping under the weight of your hair. Place bobby pins at the crown of your head to secure, as well as 1-2 bobby pins behind each ear.


Julie Ann is so cute rockin' her snood!


You're finished! This simple snood look is great for; swing dancing, warm summer months, or simply to keep your hair back and away from your face. Cats Like Us have the Viva Dulce Marina snoods in a variety of colors, check them out under the hair stuffs section under the accessory tab.

Snood with Victory Rolls


Julie Ann's hair has been set in hot rollers, the front section of her hair was parted and rolled into Victory Rolls. If you're not sure on how to get your luscious locks into Victory Rolls, hop on over to the Vintage Styling for a Modern Girl blog to get the skinny on how to achieve them. Tip-don't be afraid of hair products, use hair spray and pomade to lock and load those rolls into place!


Gather the rest of the hair and slip it into the snood, once again we're making sure all the hair is within the snood. Since we have Victory Rolls in the front section on the hair, you want to pull the snood up towards the crown, but do not cover the Victory Rolls. Secure the snood with bobby pins at the crown and behind each ear, try to hide the bobby pins as best as you can.


Tip-Give the snood a little 'shake' (after you've secured it with bobby pins) to arrange the hair. You don't want the snood to look like a giant lump on the back of your neck! *wink*


Add a hair flower to finish off the look. I choose the Golden Cheetah Rose Clip by Zombetty Bows, as I think it compliments the grey hair snood and Julie Ann's beautiful brown eyes!


Back view, you'll look great coming and going!

Have fun getting snood-y and don't be afraid to experiment! I always reccommend giving a new hair style a trial run before a big event, that way frustration and hair disasters could possibly be averted.



Julie Ann & Meagan Kyla

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