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Get Your Shape In Shape

Posted Meagan Kyla Hendrickson Style

No matter what your shape, there may be parts of your body that you may not like, try to camouflage, or want to enhance. No one is perfect, yet the great thing about clothing is that you can learn tricks on how to look and feel your best! At Cats Like Us there are many different styles of garments that could have you scratching your head on how to wear, if it will look good on you, or even what supportive under garments you would have to wear. Well, have no fear, we've got a crash course on how to 'get your shape in shape'.

The Shaper

Shape Your Shape

The dresses above have been paired with long line shapers that will help smooth through the waist, hips and thighs areas.

Shapewear or a 'shaper', is something that many woman do not talk about nor a modern woman may not own. Consider shapewear your dirty little secret that you wear under your clothes to give your figure that extra va-va-voom while still being comfortable. A shaper is recommended under your wiggle dresses, pencil skirts, and clingy materials, as it will smooth those lumps, bumps and hold in all those jiggly bits. A shaper will also help with eliminating those pesky panty lines and even help with the annoyance of your thighs rubbing together. At times, wearing a shaper can help with the difference between having trouble zipping up something or using the support of the shaper to help suck you in to then zip up the garment with ease! Now, shapewear is not as supportive or inch reducing as a corset or a gridle, but it will definitely can help you achieve that retro pin up look. You can yell at me all you want and proclaim that I don't know what I am talking about, but I wear shapers all the time! I'm pear shaped, I love eating tacos and lord knows I am very soft in the middle, yet I love wearing slim line clothing. So, either I give up my tacos (no way!) or I wear a shaper, hrmmm.....I'll wear a shaper thank you. Life is all about enjoying yourself. *Wink* You can find shapers in the undergarment sections of retail stores such as Macy's, Target and JCPenney's or shop online at places like, American Shapewear


Swing With Me!

Just Cinch It, Just Fluff It!

If you have some belly bulge you wanna battle, try a high waisted brief with tummy flatting power paired with your swing dress.

Swing dresses are a popular style for ladies of the retro lifestyle, swing dance fanatics, or gal's who just love a nice full skirt. Even though these dress styles can hide a lot more and will flatter every size and shape, there are just a few things to consider......

-When wearing a halter style or strapless dress, you will want a nice supportive strapless bra in order to keep the “girls” at attention and eliminate the possibility of ugly bra straps showing. A tip I learned is to put your strapless bra on with the halter style garment, then do a little wiggle while looking at yourself in a mirror. These test moves are intended to make sure nothing has shifted out of place and to ensure your bra (from any angle) is not peaking out. Sounds silly, but this little trick has saved me from embarrassing fashion blunders, as not all strapless bras are created equal!

-The fullness of the swing dress is another thing to consider, as adding a crinoline or petticoat will help give the skirt of the dress a nice shape. If you're twirling around on a dance floor, make sure you got your bum covered to prevent the whole party from seeing your under roo's, so a pair of pettipants is a cute way to keep a little modesty while getting your doo wop on.


Black Pettipants by Malco Modes


-Another trick to the eye is wearing a belt slightly above your natural waist which will add emphasis to your curves (and for a lot of us, our smallest part) while the rest of the skirt flows away from the body. The belt also adds visual interest and draws the eye to your pretty little waist and then up to your blushing pretty face.

Please don't fear that you need to go on a crazy crash course diet to wear the retro fashions that Cats Like Us as to offer! It's all about educating yourself on what looks best on you and what tools you can use to enhance the look even more, as undergarments are the foundation of a good to an outfit as well as a gorgeous you! This panty talk is nothing to hide,so wave your shapers in the air like you just don't care......but don't snap someone in the eye with them, that would hurt! Ouch!


Your Fellow Shaper Lover,

XOXO Meagan Kyla

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