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Hair : How To Get That Rockin' Hair

Posted Meagan Kyla Hendrickson Hair

I know a lot of you dames are pondering, "How can I achieve those rockin' retro inspired hair-do's?". Vintage hairstyles like Victory Rolls can be challenging. I wanted to take the fear out out of giving these styles a try with suggesting some resources that can help you achieve vintage-inspired hair looks to match your retro-licious clothing from Cats Like Us.


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One of the nicest modern resources I've seen in print is the Vintage Hairstyling Book : retro styles with step-by-step techniques by Lauren Rennells. This book has wonderful bright pictures, simple to follow instructions and helpful illustrations. Check out Lauren's Bobby Pin Blog for an extension of her Vintage Hairstyling Book and for fun tips and tricks. 

Front Cover Vintage Hairstyles.jpg

The retro pinup model, Cherry Dollface has her own Youtube channel where she talks about being a pinup model and she shares her makeup and hair tutorials. I like that she explains the featured hair products and tools that she uses in the videos, which is a very useful information in order to achieve her retro hair stylings.

The 50s curly hair tutorial a la Marilyn Monroe is one of my favorites. She looks gorgeous in vintage hairstyles!


If you are interested in more of the classic vintage hairstyles of the 1950s, the give Westmore Beauty Book-A Complete Guide to Vintage Makeup, Hairstyling and Beauty Techniques a read. This book was published in 1956 and will teach you the art of pin-curls, and how to achieve the movie star hairstyles of the era. Va-va-voooom!


Another great Youtube video that will help you achieve a 1950s faux bang and ponytail look is brought to you by Elegantly Musings. This style would be adorable for car shows, sock hops and for everyday! Also check out her super cute vintage blog which she talks about her beauty inspirations, tips and D.I.Y projects.

Now that I've given you some tools and references I wish you well on your hair experiments and remember, 'practice makes perfect'! When I first got into retro hairstyles my first Victory Rolls looked pretty messy, but once I got the hang of what worked best with my hair as well as the techniques, it became a cake walk! Try new hair experiments at the end of day or even before you wash your hair, as I highly suggest not trying anything radical on the day of a special event. If you are daring and make a mistake or your hair is not quite perfect, add some lovely hair adornments from the vast assortment that Cats Like Us has to offer. Not only are hair accessories lovely additions to your hair, but they can help hide any mess-ups and add pizzazz to any outfit.


Step this way to some lovely hair decor......


Retro vintage-inspired hairstyling....awayyyyyyy!!!!!!

XOXO-Meagan Kyla

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