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The Cats of Cats Like Us

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We get calls weekly from people a little confused about the name of our store. (I suppose we can’t blame people too much since “cats” is in the name). And to clarify if you were wondering, we do not sell cats or kittens, nor do we board them, and please don’t surrender your cats to us. But we do LOVE cats. You could call us cat people.

You may be wondering how just two people can run a successful on-line store and full brick and mortar boutique. Well the truth is that there are several helpers behind the scenes! This blog post is about the cats behind Cats Like Us.

We have two wonderful cats Vicktor and Ginger who we adopted from the local SPCA. They were not siblings but they get along quite well.


Vicktor Frankenstein Davis


Vicktor is a big Bombay kitty (black cat). He was abandoned, which completely baffles us because he is about the nicest cat ever. But that explains why he is hungry all the time. He will eat anything except raisins and keeps us on our toes. That’s how he helps keep the kitchen clean. He is basically my alarm clock, as he wants to be fed at about 5:30am daily, and doesn’t take no for an answer. He’s a diabolical monster like that.

Vicktor enjoys eating, sleeping anyplace warm including on heat registers, in the sun and on my head at night and sitting on my lap especially when I am working on my computer. He always likes to be where the action is and is very friendly.


Ginger Rogers Davis


Ginger is part Ginger cat (which means she has a white tummy with white paws) and part Tabby. Her name also comes from the fact that’s she’s light on her feet like Ginger Rogers. She is full grown but very small, about half the size of Vicktor, and about the cutest kitty ever. (It's good that she is cute because she is not too smart.)

But don't let her size fool you---- she is a killer. Ginger enjoys hunting and likes to burrow under the bed covers and up Julie Ann’s shirt on cold nights. I think she does these things because she was a stray.

We don't have kids, so the cats end up getting lots of attention--we even take photos for our Christmas card.

(The orange kitty was Hans Hoffman, another cat we had for a short time. Hans had to leave because he didn't get along with the others, but fortunately he was quickly adopted.)



Cats Like Treats!

Speaking of cats, our March in-store event is called “Cats Like Treats”. We collect cat and dog food and treats for the SPCA, and for every bag donated you get 5% off for each item you donate, up to 25% off! Last year it was a great success.

Of course you don't have to make a purchase to participate. You can mail or drop off your treat donations and we will pass them along to the SPCA serving Erie County. Here’s more details about the event


(The end) -A


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