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American Greaser Supply Review

Posted Andrew Davis Behind the scenes Hair

Hello folks, Jonny Pomade again. Today I’m here to do a three-part review on the new pomade Cats Like Us is carrying. American Greaser Supply has been around for years and has always put out a high quality product. I’ve personally have been using them since the beginning of my pompadour days way back in 2002, but they’ve been making pomade since 1997! American Greaser Supply has three “weights” of pomade, ranging from 40w to Super 90w with 90w being right in the middle.

First I’d like to start off reviewing the "Super 90w". This stuff is STIFF! I have yet to find another pomade that holds like this stuff. No need to worry about windy days when you’re using it. It’s a bit of a pain trying to get it into my hair though. I recommend placing the tin in the sink and let hot water run into it. This will soften up the pomade enough for you to be able to work it in....somewhat. You’ll need a blow dryer to soften it up again and really work it in. I used the Super 90w over the summer. The only thing that put a beating on it was the sun. But that’s common with almost every petroleum based pomade. My pompadour managed to keep its shape while doing 55 in a 26 Ford roadster -- any other pomade  would have let me down. This is why I always have Super 90w around for the summertime.

Next up is the 90w. This stuff is great! It’s got a prefect heavy to medium hold. I normally use it as an everyday pomade. It goes in much easier than the Super 90w, but holds almost as well. It has a low sheen, which is great for the summer time. Forehead burn is problem when the sun is out, and a low sheen pomade is great for preventing that. So is sun block!!!!! The 90w is always in my weekly rotation of pomade. I highly recommend it!

Finally the 40w, which in my opinion is only good for one thing......the “top coat”. When I say “top coat” I mean the final layer of pomade you put in, usually its light and has a high sheen. This pomade is great for the top coat. Once you scoop out a small amount of pomade from the tin and break it down with your hands you’ll see why its prefect. Extremely high sheen!! It almost makes your hair look wet. Working it into your hair is very easy as well. This stuff is great if you just want to slick back your hair too.

I’ve been a huge fan of American Greaser Supply ever since I first started using their pomade. I highly recommend any of their pomade to anyone. I almost forgot one great thing about this pomade! Every tin includes a prize!! I’ve got an entire green plastic army man collect from them. Pomade covered army men but they’re still great.

Until next time, I’m Jonny Pomade.....keepin it greasy.


Shop American Greaser Supply hair products on, and remember, every pomade purchase includes an unbreakable pocket comb free!


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