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Drink of the Week: Old Fashioned

Posted Meagan Kyla Hendrickson Cocktails

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This week's Drink of the Week is inspired by Pan Am Airways and their marvelous First Class service. I can imagine the stewardesses shakin' up some classic cocktails for the passengers like an Old Fashioned during the airlines hayday in the glamourous jetsetting 1960s. Could you imagine nowadays being served gourmet meals served on china and sipping on cocktails in decorative glasses during mid flight!? It sounds oh-so wonderful!


2 Dashes aromatic bitters

1/2 tsp. sugar dissolved in with water and bitters

1 1/2 oz. Bourbon

1 Cherry

1 Orange slice

1 Lemon wedge


Fill glass with ice, add cherry, orange slice, and lemon wedge. Pour in Bourbon. Serve in a rocks glass or your favorite glass.


Cheers! Until next week's Drink of the Week!

-Meagan Kyla

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