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Old Man River Doghouse and Seafood Shack

Posted Andrew Davis Lifestyle

Old Man River On Niagara Street in Tonawanda NY

Many areas across America are home to kitchy treasures leftover from the 50s and 60s. Old Man River is one such establishment and for over 30 years has been a summertime destination on the Niagara Street Waterfront.

Old Man River Serves Up Hot Dogs all summer long

This iconic summertime destination has everything a quintessential hot dog stand should: burgers, sweet potato fries, ice cream and of course (arguably) the best hot dogs around – the Sahlens hot dog. But thats a whole other conversation...  They even serve up a Bunny Dog:  a marinated, grilled carrot, served on a hot dog roll!

sahlens hot dohs are a summertimem stable in wny

Literally down the road from Cats Like Us in Tonawanda, NY, Old Man River has a spectacular view of Niawanda Park and the Mighty Niagara River from their indoor and outdoor patio decks.

Old Man River On Niwanda Park in Tonawanda, NY

Old Man River also has a seafood shack in the rear, if you are in the mood for seafood or BBQ. Complete your meal with an ice cream and take a walk up to Niawanda Park.

Old Man River Seafood Shack

We sometimes forget what a treasure this place is right in our back yard. We go as often as we can in the summer to enjoy the weather, the view and of course the food! So if you're out for a day trip to Cats Like Us, why not stop over to Old Man River for a taste of the summer!

The Iconic Old Man River Whale



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