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My 2013 Tiki Roadtrip Part III : The Finale

Posted Meagan Kyla Hendrickson Tiki

Waitiki Orlando Florida

Wrapping up my 2013 Tiki roadtrip around Florida brought Derek and I back to Orlando, FL before we flew back home to Buffalo. We were excited to say good-bye to our weird experience in Sarasota at the Bahi Hut Lounge and say "Aloha" to Waitiki which was right in downtown Orlando at the Wall Street Plaza. 

Waitiki entrance Orlando, FL

Waitiki had a very young vibe about the place, I could picture the bar being filled with young college students while top 40 music blared over the speakers. We were there during the afternoon and on a weekday, so it was pretty much dead which made for a very relaxing time. Since we walked from our hotel, we both could over-indulge on our last day in Florida. And boy did we....

drinks at Waitiki in Orlando, FL

I think we tried all the drinks on the menu with the Mai Tai being pretty darn terrible, so much so that I don't think we even finished it. On the upside, the wait staff at Waitiki let us take two of their plastic hurricane glasses home with us even though they had no souvenir's (All the Tiki bars we went to had no mugs, what's up with that?!), we thought that was so awesome! Thank you Waitiki!

interior of Waitiki

The inside of Waitiki was decorated very nicely. I dug the use of space as well as having the feeling of being outside while you were inside, but still having the alluring dark corners that I love about Tiki bars. I liked all the wood and bamboo details around the bar along side the thatch roofing and the beautiful Wahines.

Shag Art on the wall at Waitiki Tiki bar

Large pieces of Shag Art lined the walls.

Mr. Bali Hai Waikiti

We sat by Mr. Bali Hai, since I love him with all of my Tiki heart.

Derek and I at Waitiki Orlando, FL

This is what happened after a few hours of hanging out at Waitiki, we were both a little....ahem, happy. *Wink*


To sum up our little Tiki roadtrip around parts of Florida, I would have to say that it was such an amazing experience. I love vacationing and exploring new places within the realm of our Tiki obsession, we created a lot of memories and drank a lot of rum. Haha! I would highly suggest a fun roadtrip of your own and if you see a Tiki bar on your journey, stop in and enjoy the Aloha spirit!

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XOXO-Meagan Kyla

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