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Cherries : That Sweet and Sultry Fruit

Posted Meagan Kyla Hendrickson Fashion Style

Retro cherries. Heart of Haute clothing. Rockabilly

What is sweet, sultry, wholesome, risqué, and red all over? Cherries! Cherries are a classic retro motif seen throughout pinup, rockabilly, and vintage lover circles all over. I attribute its duality of being sweet and sultry to its ability to effortlessly travel throughout these fashion and lifestyle groups. All in all, there is no question that cherries are some versatile fruits!

Retro cherries. Heart of Haute clothing. Rockabilly

I recently picked up two great items from Cats Like Us which embody this duality perfectly! The White Cherries Estelle Blouse by Heart of Haute is the perfect something sweet to add to your collection and become a staple in your everyday wear while the Trashy Diva 1940's Flutter Dress in Cherries is the ultimate gracefully daring dress for a steamy date night!


Cherries bring to mind long summer days when all the windows in the house are left open to let in the cool breeze. The kitchen radio is up playing a muffled yet upbeat Glenn Miller song in the background. Scents from a warm cherry pie sitting out on the windowsill, cooling off, fills your nose as you joyfully rest, sitting out on the porch after a long morning of berry picking. Not that I've ever actually baked a cherry pie after a long morning of cherry picking but it does sound like it would make for an awesome day!! ;)

Cherries are iconic: bright, happy, young, fresh and wholesome.

Trashy Diva. Retro rockabilly cherries. 1940s fashion

I love to mix them into my wardrobe for a pop of added color from a cherry necklace, bracelet, brooch, earrings, or even by going bold and wearing cherries as an all-over print.


On the other hand, cherries bring to mind warm sticky nights begging for a skinny dip at the local lake under the light of the moon. A cherry red 57 Chevy parked close by plays a soulful Gershwin tune. Billie Holiday is singing along. Everything basks in a dark blue light. Fresh cherries are on the vacant front passenger seat... a tantalizing treat for later.

Trashy Diva. Retro rockabilly cherries. 1940s fashion

I make myself blush!! But I just write what's on my mind and this is what popped up. After all, cherries are also firm, ripe, and juicy, which helps give them their vivid and risqué connotation.

Trashy Diva. Retro rockabilly cherries. 1940s fashion

Not only do I like to wear cherries in a way that will add a young or playful feeling to my look, but I also like how cherries can make a great addition to a vintage vixen or steaming sultry look. Cherries on slim fitting wiggle dresses are the best! They also look flirtatious and tantalizing on a cherry printed peekaboo or off shoulder top. Add a cherry to any vixen look and you make for a little wink in what your look is saying.

How do you wear your cherries? Are you sweet or sultry?


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