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Monster Matt Monday : Let's Be Frank...enstein

Posted Meagan Kyla Hendrickson Local

Monster Matt. Frankenstein. Ha-Ha Horror
Painting: The Monster and Igo, from Son of Frankenstein
This past weekend marked the 83rd anniversary of the 1931 classic , Frankenstein. It also marks the 127th birthday of the film 's creature , Boris Karloff. I cannot express how much I love the first three Karloff Frankenstein films.
When I was a little monster, the first Franken-film I saw was Son of Frankenstein. The Monster (Karloff's version) always seems to be a top request by my friends and fans, for artwork etc.
I'd like to show some of the Franken-paintings I've done and throw in some jokes too.
Monster Matt. Frankenstein. Rack Toys. Artist
Painting of a vintage AHI company Frankenstein "Jiggler."It is part of a vintage toy book , called Rack Toys: Cheap, Crazed Playthings. The author is Brian Heiler.
Boris Karloff Frankenstein. Monster Matt Patterson. Artist.
Watercolor painting of the Frankenstein Monster.
What did the Monster's Bride get him for their anniversary?
Engraved Neck Bolts!
How is Frankenstein's Monster like a set of bed sheets?
The Thread Counts!
The Monster and his Bride got matching tattoos. What did they say?
"Some Assembly Required!"
Why was Frankenstein 's Monster unsure if he should go to a doctor or tailor?
He had a STITCH in his side!
Happy Anniversary, 1931 Frankenstein!!
Happy Birthday, Boris Karloff!!
And thank YOU Monster Matt!!
-Meagan Kyla


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