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Cats Like Us visits New Orleans : Day 2

Posted Julie Ann Davis Lifestyle

Our 2nd day (part 1 here)  in NOLA was a little cooler, but warm in the sun. One thing we quickly learned is how close everything is in the Quarter. We had no trouble walking to most everything we wanted to do in plenty of time.

Good morning!

We started with a wonderful food recommendation from our friends – Cafe Beignet!


Wondering what a beignet is dear northerners? Well it's like fried dough and is the size of a donut. Yum!

Beignet donuts at Cafe Beignet, French Quarter, New Orleans


VooDoo and Cemeteries

Since it was a bit cool we started out doing indoor touristy things and went to the VooDoo Museum. I was told it would be small, and it is, a little run down, but was very interesting and informative. I feel like I'm learning so much on this trip!

VooDoo Museum, French Quarter, New Orleans, LA


In the afternoon we went on our next tour of the Saint Louis the First Cemetery.

St Louis Cemetery, New Orleans


The above ground tombs are very different from what I'm used to seeing.

St Louis Cemetery in New Orleans


The wrought iron designs are beautiful and it made me sad to hear about the vandalism problem they are fighting. The destruction is so bad that as of March 1, 2015 they are only allowing family members with tombs and licensed tour guides through the cemeteries! We did get to see Marie Laveau's tomb. She is widely known as the “VooDoo Queen” and is one of the most well known practicioners from the area. When we walked the tour the grounds keepers were repairing it from the vandalism that happened recently.

Marie Laveau's Grave being restored Marie Laveau's Grave being restored by the caretakers at the St Louis Cemetery in New Orleans


Beachbum Berry's Latitude 29 Tiki Bar - Amazing!

We worked up an appetite from all the walking and headed over to Beach Bum Berry's Latitude 29 for some exotic cocktails and tasty food.

Latitude 29 Tiki Bar in New Orleans, LA


Since we came off as crazy tikiphiles taking pictures of the food and decor, Berry's wife came over and talked to us.

Dining area at Latitude 29 Tiki Bar


She was a gracious host and told us all about the restaurant, even gave us tips on how to deal with our maintenance issues at the hotel we are staying at!

Navy Grog at Latitude 29 Tiki Bar in new Orleans


We had such a great time that we decided to come back another time before this trip is over!

Read about day 3 of our trip here!

~Julie Ann


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