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Cats Like Us visits New Orleans : Final Day

Posted Julie Ann Davis Lifestyle

It was our last full day in New Orleans (read about our previous days here: day 1 - day 2 - day 3) and we wanted to get an early start. It was pretty gloomy and raining but we didn't let that get us down, and since it was miserable in Buffalo anything is better!

Window shopping on Magazine Street

We hopped on the bus and got a day pass to Magazine Street – a nearby college town shopping district. We heard good things about it and wanted an adventure, but we were a bit early for the shops! We ended up at the Slim Goodies Coffeehouse since it was a bit early and nothing was open yet. Again we started with a hearty breakfast--the food was tasty and cheap.

Slim Goodies Coffee House in New Orleans on Magazine Street


The dueling toilets in the ladies bathroom made me a little uneasy...

Dueling toilets left me a little traumatized


We walked Magazine Street, antiqued a bit, and I checked out the other Trashy Diva store. The dreary weather had us a little down, but we looked forward to our next adventure...


Felipe's Taqueria and Tiki Tolteca!

Felipe's Taqueria! Is a local taco chain that has a few locations across the country as well. Quite coincidentally we had already been to their location in Harvard Square, Boston MA! (Thats a whole other blog post!) Who knew?

Felipe's Taqueria in the French Quarter, New Orleans

This particular location has a 2nd floor with a tiki bar -- Tiki Tolteca.  Quite conveniently, Felipe's is located just a few doors down from Latitude29 (see previous posts here). You have a lot of tiki bar options NOLA -- Buffalo is very jealous!. We arrived a bit early (Tiki Tolteca to open at 5pm)  so we sat at the bar and enjoyed the margarita specials.


Margarita specials at Felipe's in the French Quarter


Once 5pm hit, we ran up the stairs like little kids to see what Tiki Tolteca was all about. The bar is dark and thatched and looks like an outdoor tiki bar, and there are two large rooms for lounging with couches and tiki lights throughout.

(Photo: The Scout Guide New Orleans)


 The sign outside the bar at Tiki Tolteca in New Orleans


The bartender made delicious drinks at the bar. Andrew's favorite was the "What an aspirin is" (pictured below):

The What an aspirin is drink at Tiki Tolteca, New Orleans


We ordered food from the bar downstairs and got the spicy shrimp nachos. They were delicious and tasted really fresh!

Shrimp Nachos at Tiki Tolteca in New Orleans

We continued to drink tiki drinks and for dessert I had a gummi tiki -- think jell-o shots! It was Zombie flavored and burned a little. Unlike anything I've ever had, and so good!

Tiki Jell-o shots at Tiki Tolteca in New Orleans


Our last vacation day was filled with travel, everything was delayed because of all the snow and I hated to come back. Don't worry NOLA you'll be seeing us again!

Be sure to read about our previous adventures: Day 1 - Day 2 - Day 3

~Julie Ann


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