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Cats Like Us Style Question : Handbags

Posted Meagan Kyla Hendrickson Fashion Style

"I read your blog (Coffin Kitsch) quasi-religiously and I love your style. I was hoping I could talk you into doing a special about handbag and outfit combinations. I feel that when I put together an outfit my handbag of choice is often forced. I would really like to see how you put handbags and outfits together."

I was asked this question over on my personal blog about styling handbags with outfits. Since we got so many great new and fun styles in, I thought this question was relevant over on the Cats Like Us blog.

Atomic Argyle Wiggle Dress with Spade and Club Handbag

Vintage Fruit and Flower Dress with Watermelon Crossbody Bag

Kaila Hibiscus Wiggle Dress with Clown Fish Crossbody Bag

Watercolor Leaves Spring Dress with Doe Deer Crossbody Bag

These are just a few pairings, but there are endless possibilites! Check out all our handbags and show us your #catslikeusstyle and how you like to pair handbags with your Cats Like Us outfits!

-Meagan Kyla

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