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We Love Our Customers! #catslikeusstyle

Posted Andrew Davis Fashion Style

@elizabeth_bethezda IG #catslikeusstyle


We love our customers and we love Instagram, so put those two together and it's a dynamic duo! When you use the hashtags #catslikeus and #catslikestyle we get to see all your wonderful photos! Don't be shy, it's just us! *Wink wink*

@leleutoopia #catslikeusstyle


Whether you're on a dinner date, dressing for a formal event or doing a pinup shoot, tag us as we'd love to see!

@leah_divine83 #catslikeusstyle


The #catslikeusstyle tag is great as you can see how others are styling and wearing Cats Like Us retro fashions!

@p_blueberry #catslikeusstyle


And it's a great way to connect to people who also share in the love of retro clothing and interests. The Cats Like Us crew always say that Cats Like Us brings people and online. We really like that part of the job!


photography by @sweetheartpinups for @babycakeswny

We love the diversity of our customers and their own individual personalities. We love our customers!

@fluffy.bunny #catslikeusstyle


Hey good lookin' whatcha got cookin'? CATS LIKE US STYLE!!!!! Thank you for all support and love for almost six years...and counting!

@catslikeus our instagram! #catslikeus #catslikeusstyle

--Meagan Kyla

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