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Shapewear: The Taboo Underpinning

Posted Meagan Kyla Hendrickson Fashion Style

Wow, I can't believe it's been almost 5 years since I've written the blog, Get Your Shape In Shape! Crazy how times flies and yet (some things) stay the same. I'm still wearing my shapers and I still am still recommending them to all of you! 

Shapewear: The Taboo Underpinningimage source: Rago Shapewear

Now, I want to clarify something. When Julie Ann and I recommend wearing a shaping garment under the retro clothing styles we carry at the store, IT DOES NOT MEAN WE ARE SAYING YOU ARE FAT!

Oh goodness, we understand that body image and the way we all feel about ourselves is a delicate issue, and would never in a million years ever focus on a women's body in a negative way! It just means we're recommending proper undergarments that can improve the way you see the garment fitting you. That's all, nothing nefarious behind a shapewear recommendation. We pinky swear!

I always say; you can't build a house without a proper foundation and that goes the same for an outfit!

Some Myths About Shapewear:

They're Uncomfortable: It's true, shapewear can be uncomfortable if you aren't trying and buying the type that is comfortable for you. I always recommend getting yourself measured and then reading the size tag or have the sales associate help you find the right size. Too small and you may find yourself with shortness of breathe or pain, too large and you won't be getting the full 'shaping' potential of the garment.

They're Expensive: Just like lingerie, shapewear can be very reasonable or can get down right expensive. I've seen shapers range from $20-$100 and beyond, but they are available in department stores and big box stores that may offer you discounts or coupons to help with the cost. It's a good investment in your wardrobe!

Not in My Size: False! Shapewear comes in a variety of sizes, styles and degrees of shapeliness. (Hehehe!) Once again, measure yourself to get the right fit for you! And I have to point out that I recommend shapewear for all shapes and sizes!!!

Shapewear is Ugly: Not at all! Often when you see pinup's in vintage style lingerie they are wearing shapewear! Brands like; Rago, What Katie Did and shops on etsy sell beautiful undergarments. My Mother (who was a teen in the 60s) told me that every gal in her school wore a girdle!

Wearing shapewear, girdles, corsets, etc. is not shameful and it's certainly not a requirement for wearing retro clothing. Shapewear is something that helps to get a more authentic feel and style to the clothing as foundation garments have been a vital pieces to historical fashions from the Victorian Era and beyond. You can even think of it as wearing a little piece of history.....without having your ribs misshapen and suffering from fainting fits. *Phew!*


Shapewear, not so taboo after all!

Thank you for reading!

-Meagan Kyla

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