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Retro Style : What's In Your Bag?

Posted Meagan Kyla Hendrickson

What's in Your Bag?

We discuss a lot of things at Cats Like Us and finding clever and cute ways to tote around our personal essentials has been a topic of interest lately, so "What's In Your Bag?" was born! A lot of us 'live' out of our purses, handbags, totes, etc. and often can find that trying to stay organized can be a chore. 

What do you keep in your bag? What are the important items that you need for your day-to-day functions? I know I can't live without lip balm and all my other 'lip goop' (as I like to call it), all my credit cards and money organized in my wallet, and I like to always have little items, like my Cats Like Us measuring tape, with me at all times. My phone, keys and other little trinkets find their way to the bottom of my purse, lost in the black hole only to be found days later. Ok, I'm being a bit dramatic. Hehe!!!

So how do we stay organized? Let's see what's in our bag!!!

  1. Cats Like Us gift card. Okay, this really isn't good for organizing, but it does help with purchasing items to keep you organized *wink*
  2. Coin purse by Wolfbait. Though it's name indicates it's purpose, you can use little bags like the Trick of Treat Kitties Purse, to store makeup, feminine supplies or store those little things that fall to the bottom on your hand bag.
  3. Handbag. It never hurts to have a snazzy handbag or tote to carry around all your precious goodies. We love how spacious the Lime Sparkle Speedway Totebag is by Hold Fast Handbags.
  4. Sunglasses. We dig the Night to Day Sunglasses, they are versatile, match any outfit and come in handy when the sun is shining bright.  
  5. Pill Box. Yes, people still use them! Pill boxes are stylish ways to stash your medication or to store little earrings while traveling. The Ragnar Atomic Cocktail Pill Box is among the other great pill box designs we have and they are on sale!
  6. Bandana. A bandana comes in handy for so many things. You can tie up for hair to get it out of your face, blot off sweat or tie it around your neck to help keep you cool. The Hot Pink Bandana is a great color along with all the other color choices we have in stock.
  7. Zippy Bag by Wolf Bait. A bit larger than it's counterpart, Wolf Bait's coin purse, the Zippy Bag is a great size to use as a sunglass case (with zipper!), pencil case or to protect your phone. The Birds on a Wire Zippy Bag was just too cute not to share!
  8. Wallet. We love the Tiki Tok Atomic Wallet by Hold Fast Handbags as not only is it a nice compliment to the Lime Sparkle Speedway Totebag, it has a lot of card slots for organization! Tiki Tok Wallet interior

We hope you found this helpful! We'd love to know how you like to stay organized!

-Meagan Kyla

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