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Cramps Style : Leopard Love!

Posted Meagan Kyla Hendrickson

All the lovely leopard print items that Cats Like Us has been serving us has inspired to talk about one of my personal favorite fashion icons, Poison Ivy of The Cramps. Miss Ivy has been known to rock a 60s style in which leopard and gold lame go hand-in-hand.   image source google. She's wearing more of a cheetah, but this is an awesome photo!   Poison Ivy has an exotic look with her bright red ultra curly hair, penetrating eyes and though she's a petite woman, I know she could kick my ass! When she's performing she's usually in...

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Canandaigua Road Trip (Day 1)

Posted Andrew Davis Beer Lifestyle

We don't get out much… literally! But we are fortunate living in Western New York to have many destinations only a few hours away. So that when we do decide to take a few days off it's hard to choose what to do! For a recent vacation we decided to visit Lake Canandaigua, one of the New York Finger Lakes. This lakeside town offers a nice assortment of wineries, antique stores, fantastic food, and some of the most beautiful state parks around. It is an easy drive from Buffalo, only an hour-and-a-half! Our plans for day 1 included travel, check-in,...

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Canandaigua Road Trip (Day 3)

Posted Andrew Davis Lifestyle

Here is day 3 of our recent trip to Canandaigua. You can also read part 1 and part 2. I highly recommend the area for a getaway! Breakfast on day 2 at the Inn On The Main was a delicious egg souffle with sausage and vegetables. Our final day we planned on mostly antiquing. Before checkout we ran down the street to visit the Salvation Army, and on the way out of town we stopped at Ontario Mall Antiques.   On the short stretch between the highway and Canandaigua is the Ontario Antique Mall. This unassuming building houses a HUGE...

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Canandaigua Road Trip (Day 2)

Posted Andrew Davis Lifestyle

Here is day 2 of our recent trip to Canandaigua (part 1 here). I highly recommend the area for a getaway! Breakfast at the B&B was a 2 course meal. To start we were presented with a fresh cut fruit salad that any polynesian flair restaurant would be proud of!   For the main dish was stuffed french toast, with bacon and fruit. It was as delicious as it looked -- what a great way to start the day! We only planned one thing for day 2 and that was to go to Sonnenberg Gardens, one of the few remaining...

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Retro Cocktail Recipe : The Shamrock-arita

Posted Meagan Kyla Hendrickson Cocktails

Holy yum! I almost drank the whole Shamrock-arita cocktail before I got to take a photo. I had to control myself! I'm a big fan of drinks that have melon liqueur and make that into margarita form equals bonus! Since St. Patrick's day is right around the corner and everyone is Irish on March 17th, feel free to make a few Shamrock-aritas....or a bucket full!   The Shamrock-arita Ingredients: 1 oz. Sauza Blue Gold Tequila 1/2 oz. Melon liqueur 2 oz. Lime juice 1 oz. Simple syrup Method: Combine ingredients into ice-filled cocktail shaker, shake and strain into an ice-filled...

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Barbie K: The Mermaid Lady

Posted Julie Ann Davis Behind the scenes Local

  What made you start recreating vintage plaster chalkware? The truth is I had searched some time for a reasonably priced set of vintage mermaids. Unfortunately I began my search right after the price of vintage chalkware went through the roof.  I remember one day at a local antique and flea market seeing a set at the end of a vendors table. Eager with anticipation I picked up the larger mermaid of the two and immediately fell in love with it. It was in good condition, the colors were neutral and the eyes were quite fetching. Then I found out...

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Dungaree Dolly : The Woman Behind The Handbags

Posted Meagan Kyla Hendrickson Behind the scenes

Who is Beth Dauria or 'Dolly' with her 'Rockin' bags built to last'? Well, she is the designer and creative business woman behind the handbag line Dungaree Dolly and dress line, Dolly Valentine. Miss Beth (you can call her Dolly) creates the bags and dresses from her own drafted patterns, some vintage inspiration, and her sewing skills to create wonderful and unique items for all us rockin' ladies! Dolly always strives for a perfect product, with her infectious smile, and over all sparkle, she puts all that magic into each of her creations. Every bag, dress and accessory is made with...

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How to Care for Hair Flowers and Bows

Posted Julie Ann Davis Hair Style

If you’re like me you tend to buy, make, and trade hair flowers and bows with girlfriends. They are a nice, retro inspired finishing touch to an outfit and look great on all hair lengths and textures--but how do you take care of them and store them? (How not to store them, thrown into a drawer!)   When you buy hair flowers or bows, even before you wear them, be sure to examine how they’re made. Some are better put together than others and depending on what they’re made from, you may want to add a little “TLC” of your...

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How to Speak Hip : 50s & 60s Beatnick Slang

Posted Andy Davis Lifestyle

Like, stick with me here cats -- I'm going to lay it out for you, dig?   There's a special place in my heart for beatniks. Whether its Maynard G Krebbs or teen sexploitation films like Beat Girl to B horror flicks like Bucket of Blood, I find the beatnik fascinating.     For those of us not old enough to have lived through the late 50s and 60s, I am certain that the stereotypical beatnik in media is not exactly reality. But that doesn't mean I enjoy it any less, and the slang of the 50s and 60s beatnik...

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