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Women's Rockabilly Clothing

A (very) short history of Women’s Rockabilly and Swing clothing

In the war years of the early 1940s, women’s clothing was quite figure flattering, mostly due to wartime fabric rationing. After the war, it was Hollywood’s golden era, where movie stars were admired and set fashion trends that people followed. Since the rationing of wartime materials had been lifted and women’s dresses gained more voluminous with fabric. Christian Dior pioneered this ‘New Look’ with, fuller skirted dresses, nipped in waists, and longer lengths helped to create the emphasis a feminine silhouette. The men especially enjoyed this very feminine look and this lead to the “pin-up” girl featured on the walls of most men.

Continuing into the 1950s, women’s fashion saw new fabrics, fuller swing skirts and pencil skirts that helped to create an hourglass shape. The woman of the 50s were polished and tailored, they accessorized with gloves and heels, and added feminine details like bows and frills. Atomic and abstract patterns were all the rage as well as halter and strapless dress designs. The 1950s were an age of class and charm.

At that time rock and roll music with a hillbilly twist was prevalent among the people. This new sound combined various types of music all together, which included rock and roll, rhythm and blues, western swing and boogie-woogie. It became known as rockabilly, the music was so popular because it was upbeat fun and it was great to dance to. It seemed to die down in the 60s, but thanks to several revivals over the past 60 years or so, there are still rockabilly enthusiasts today. Women’s clothing of that time also became known as rockabilly style, women’s rockabilly clothing seemed to capture the name of the music favorites of that time period.

The style of modern women’s rockabilly clothing is quite vintage today. This retro style clothing brings out the best in the body of a woman. Many women’s rockabilly clothing feature sweetheart necklines, halter tops, spaghetti straps, sailor outfits, unique tee shirts, pump shoes and crinoline swing skirts. Fishnet stockings, cat eye sunglasses, stylish berets and spunky handbags are common rockabilly accessories to pull your outfit together for completion of the finished look.

Today’s modern rockabilly woman has a lot of options even in which brands to wear. There are some fantastic styles developed today by brands such as; Bettie Page Clothing, Lucky 13, Hell Bunny, Heartbreaker Fashion, and more.

Women’s Rockabilly clothing is not only feminine, stylish and fun, but it is reminiscent of a time when life was simpler and a little less stressful. Bringing back the good times has never been so much fun!