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Rockabilly Clothing

Rockabilly style has developed out of the original eras (1940s-60s) and changed a little with each revival. Each time the music and subculture becomes popular again a new generation discovers rockabilly clothing and makes it their own. Interestingly enough, tattoos, fashion and loud music, while an integral part of the rockabilly music scene today, were not part of the original era of music.

Rockabilly style and clothing today is varied, but also inspired by the car culture greaser look, 1940s and 1950s swing, rock and roll, tattoo art, pin-up and cheesecake girls, Hollywood styled glamor, and vintage-clothing enthusiasts. Since the eras that it originated, rockabilly clothing has become quite varied and the rockabilly look has taken on a personality all its own.

Rockabilly Clothes and the Rockabilly Look

The rockabilly look is easy to achieve and (fortunately for most of us) does not have to be expensive. For examples of the genre and inspiration look to the bands that play rockabilly music like Brian Setzer or Reverend Horton Heat, and for more swing style look at Big Bad VooDoo Daddy. (The list goes on, there are tons of great bands out there!) Some style examples for guys are; cuffed jeans and a t-shirt or button-down work shirt for a casual look, or if you’re leaning more towards the swing era, slacks paired with a lounge or bowling shirt, and a fedora hat is always a good accessory.

Rockabilly clothes for the ladies are even more varied, but also easier to achieve in this modern time.
Dresses are a good choice to achieve the swing and pin up look, or t-shirt’s and jeans styled for the casual rockabilly gal. Back in the 1940s and 1950s people bought clothes to last, so garments were worn more and had to be very versatile. Since gals had fewer number of outfits, they dressed them up or down with accessories, which is a big part of the rockabilly look for women. Hair flowers, sweaters, jewelry and shoes can all be changed to dress up or down an outfit for any occasion! There is a women’s rockabilly look for nearly any personality and occasion!

There was (and is today) an emphasis on quality (over quantity) and much of the rockabilly style clothing available is hand made in the usa and of very high quality. This can sometimes make it more expensive, but a great value as the clothing will last longer than the throw away garments from big box stores like Wal-Mart.

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Buy Local and Made in usa

An added benefit of purchasing rockabilly clothing from shops like Cats Like Us is that they are locally owned and support usamade clothing. Money spent at boutique stores that aren’t chains gets invested back into real people’s pockets, not multinational companies. When you make a purchase of made in the usa rockabilly clothing, it sometimes costs a little more, but you are supporting your neighbors and getting a superior product.

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