Retro Style

Womens Pinup Clothing

Women's pin-up clothing features themes from the 1940s and 1950s including; full swing dresses, pencil skirts, 3/4 length sweaters paired with high waisted pencil skirts, bathing suits, back seamed stockings and sky-high stiletto's. The modern pin-up of today often takes inspiration from vintage beauties such as; Betty Grabel, Rita Hayworth, Marilyn Monroe, and the notorious Bettie Page. These women wore sexy silhouette's of their eras which may seem tame by today's standards. Pin-up styled clothing is a great look for any woman no matter what their size, shape or age, it's all about finding the right style that fits your body type. If you're a curvier gal a fitted bodice with a fuller skirt may just do the trick, or if you're a buster gal separate's like a peasant blouse or fitted sweater paired with a pencil skirt might suit your pin-up figure. Though rockabilly music and clothing is a commonly associated with pin-up culture and pin-up clothing, the pin-up's first became widely popular in the 1930s-1940s with soldiers during World War II. The soldiers would literally 'pin up' photos of Hollywood actresses, fashion models and glamour girls on their walls. Artists like Alberto Vargas who's pin-up illustrations really helped to shape the look, fashion and art of the pin-up.