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Mad Men Style

The popularity of AMC's hit *Mad Men* has returned the classic *1960s style clothing* back into the mainstream. It's not hard to see why -- this show has captured the imagination of a new generation not familiar with how cool these retro styles are! In a world where jeans and a t-shirt are acceptable office attire, it's no wonder that some of us yearn for a more stylish era.

A nice pattern is another example of 1960s jazzy style pattern In true classic retro style, these looks are as flexible as they are flattering. Dress up an 1960s outfit with classy accessories like pearls, bracelet and fancy shoes, dress it down for the evening with a cardigan sweater.

A nice pattern is another example of 1960s jazzy style Deep colors exemplify 1960s Mad Men style

Deep colors exemplify 1960s style


Dress The Mad Men Look

It was a time when women dressed for success in clothes that were flattering and feminine and men wore suits that were sharp and tailored. While you might not want to wear exactly the same outfits (lest you be labeled "Mr./Mrs. 1960"), we can adapt many of the classic looks for today's lifestyle:

  • Women of the 1960s embraced their femininity -- the hourglass figure and dressing to emphasize their shape. Full skirts with a cinched waist will flatter most ladies shapes along with a blouse and wide belt.
  • The women of Mad men wear deep greens, mustards and orange-y reds. Bright yet deep colors matched with your natural tone will make you look your best!
  • Ladylike shoes like pumps are a sure thing - just choose a middle sized heel to look the right era. Rounded toes and a graceful heel will go perfectly with your dresses and skirts.# Add a scarf for that special touch - pair a floral one with a solid colored top!