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Meet, Greet & JOKES with MonsterMatt

Posted Meagan Kyla Hendrickson Local

Monster Matt Patterson in store event 2016

Join us Sat., October 22th from 12pm-5pm to meet Monster Matt Patterson! RSVP to the Facebook Event InviteHe'll be telling jokes live starting at 2:30!

Monstermatt Patterson, The Man of a Thousand Bad Monster Jokes, author of the award winning book, "Ha-Ha! Horror" and the multi award nominated book, "Bride of Ha-Ha! Horror" will make the monster in you howl, groan and laugh, with his awful blend of humor.

Monster Matt is a sculptor, painter, drawer and writer who has a real passion for monsters and horror. He'll be selling fun goodies- books, prints, and masks, just in time for Halloween!

You can connect with him here:
MonsterMatt's Bad MonsterJokes Vol. 1
Matt Patterson

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