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Warning: This event may cause girly tendencies!

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Posted Andrea P Local

“Warning….may cause girly tendencies” apron brand was created in the kitchen of Cakes DeVille and with the help of a trusted tattered & threadbare vintage apron…. Leslie, the creator, thought it was time for a new apron and it needed to be as cute as the cupcakes; yet designed and constructed to withstand the heat!

These hand crafted often one of kind aprons are all about cute, sexy & sassy. So whether you’re making a holiday feast or Tuesday night’s Tuna Surprise; it’s all about how cute you look doing it! These aprons a one-of a kind retro style creations you won’t find anywhere else! When we at Cats Like Us saw these aprons, we knew we had to carry them. Handmade means they are top quality and SO KITCHY CUTE!

Leslie will be at Cats Like Us all day with a variety of aprons AND tea cozies, pot holders, oven mitts and slippers. So get ready to pamper yourself with fun girlie goodness! Oh and Leslie is a doll, she has the gift of a contagious laugh, so come to Cats Like Us and experience it for yourself!

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warning Warning trunk show featuring Leslies Retro aprons Warning trunk show featuring Leslies Retro aprons

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