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Meet MonsterMatt and Enjoy Haunted Harbor in Tonawanda!

Posted Andrew Davis Halloween Local

You might know Monster Matt from his Monster joke book, he’ll be at Cats Like Us Sat, Oct 20 from 12-5 selling monster artwork, just in time for Halloween! If you are not familiar with his work, now is the perfect time to check it out. He’s a sculptor, painter, drawer and writer. He’s also very active in the comic book world. I personally love to pick his brain about monsters. (Not literally, figuratively, but I’m sure he wouldn’t mind either way.)  

He has a lot of up and coming plans in the works! just look at this list: * His script, Wolff’s Run is coming out soon, as a horror trilogy comic book. * The script will be adapted for a Radio Drama and there are plans for a launch date, etc. * The second volume of jokes is coming soon. * He has some comic book art, being included in Legacy of Death’s comic books. * A new web comic, coming soon on * More collaboration with Tomb Dragomir (former voice of Rue Morgue Radio)on his YouTube show, TombTV. * A painting he did of a vintage Frankenstein toy, will appear in a book called Rack Toys: Crazed,Cheap Playthings. The book hits stores this November!

MonsterMatt can be found in his little corner of the interwebs here

On Twitter: * @1monstermatt * @mattsylvania * @charitymonster

He writes for: * * * *

He regularly appears on these horror podcasts: * 6FootPlus * MonsterIslandResort * Screamwave

His facebook page can be found here


Also stick around for Haunted Harbor in Tonawanda from 6-8:30, where the kiddos can go trick-or-treating! Free Admission and there will be a haunted house on Young Street near the Long Homestead walk bridge, but youth will be able to trick or treat around both sides of Gateway Harbor on land and by the boats and enjoy activities in a not-very-haunted fashion.

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