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Chalkware by Barbie K

Posted Andrew Davis Local


Chalk ware-both kitschy & cool-is Barbie K’s passion. When the price of vintage chalk ware sky rocketed and it was no longer affordable, she decided to take matters into her own hands-literally. She created her own line of “retro-reinterpreted” chalk ware including mermaids, hula girls and pin-up girls. The hand poured, hand painted mermaids with the pouty red lips are her best seller. Plus she'll be selling them a-la-carte. So if you just want a mermaid and not a set, you got it!

Barbie K is the brand of Barb Kopera, a local gal with a heart of gold and a love of all things retro. Her mermaids are top quality and would be a fantastic addition to your retro inspired decor!


-She’ll be bringing lots of other things Cats Like Us doesn’t normally carry! Including GIRLS! GIRLS! GIRLS! This year she has 3 new pinup girls!

-Shoppers can come in and take advantage of a 10% off sale on all full priced Little Shop merchandise.

-Get a free gift with $50.00 purchase (while supplies last.)

For Cats Like Us Barbie K. mermaids:

Barbie K. facebook page:

Barbie K page:

More info on Barbie K:



Thanks so much to barbie K for coming in and sharing her wonderful chalk-ware creations! We had a great time!

BarbieK with all her chalk ware and ceramic creations

Retro chalk ware mermaids by BarbieK

Retro ceramic bating beauties by BarbieK

Retro chalk ware mermaids by BarbieK

Retro chalk ware mermaids by BarbieK

Chocolate Chip Peanutbutter cookies for the BarbieK chak ware event

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