Meet Award Winning Author Monster Matt!

Posted by Andrew on

Monster Matt is a sculptor, painter, drawer and writer who has a real passion for monsters and horror. You might know from his award winning Monster joke book Ha Ha Horror! , which we carry in-store and online hereMatt is also very active in the comic book world. He’ll be at Cats Like Us Sat, Oct 18 from 12-5 selling monster artwork & his books just in time for Halloween!

ALSO take the kids to Haunted Harbor a block north of Cats Like Us from 6-8! Most of Gateway Harbor, on both sides of the canal, will concentrate on not-very-haunted activities and trick or treating. At this time, we’re not sure if anything will be haunted, but we’re working on it. It will be worth a walk around just to see the decorated boats, pirates and trick or treat stations. Free admission.

Meet Monster Matt's Facebook event page. We hope to see you there!


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