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2019 Pet Emergency FUN-draiser!

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Posted Andy Davis

Pet Emergncy Fund - Fundraiser

ALL DAY LONG! For one day only~ shop at Cats Like Us (11am-6pm) OR (ANY TIME ALL DAY) and 15% of our sales will go directly to the Pet Emergency Fund! On Saturday June 15 at Cats Like Us.
You might ask, what is the Pet Emergency Fund? It's a 501(c) (3) charity that serves as a safety net for financially strapped families in who cannot afford emergency medical care for their pets.

You know how quickly a pet crisis can arise. Emergencies strike out of nowhere and the lives of these cherished family members hang in the balance. Yet, for many responsible pet owners, it’s not the power to meet the crisis head-on that is lacking. It’s the means to pay for it.

The full cost of emergency medical care – which often includes drugs, oxygen, sophisticated diagnostic procedures, the latest medical technology and surgical supplies – simply exceeds the financial resources of many pet owners. Seniors, students and people who share their lives with rescued pets or multiple pets are often among the most financially vulnerable.

For all of us who love animals, the alternatives to immediate emergency medical care are unthinkable. Yet, before the Pet Emergency Fund was founded by concerned local veterinarians and animal lovers like you, financially challenged families had little recourse other than euthanasia or withholding treatment.

Cherished pets should not suffer untreated or die simply because their owners’ wallets are empty and credit has dried up. Thanks to your contributions to PEF, financially strapped owners — who desperately want to do the right thing — have a lifeline to crucial emergency care.
I know many of our out of town customers are upset that they can't contribute to the SPCA fundraiser Cats Like Treats! that we hold every March, so NOW IS YOUR CHANCE TO SAVE ANIMALS. It's a win-win. Shop online, shop in store. The animals will thank you for it.
Note: There are no double punches on frequent shopper cards for this event.

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