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Heal Your Heart with Reciprocal Roots

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Posted Julie Ann Davis

You've all heard the song Love Potion No.9? Well come to Cats Like Us on Saturday, February 2 from 12-4 to visit with Kristin from Reciprocal Roots and experience the real thing!

Reciprical Roots

Kristin writes, "It's almost Valentine's Day and that makes us all think of the heart. ♥ Come down and grab some 'Heal Your Heart Elixir'. Why?? Because the world is hard. There's too much "MINE" going on these days and honestly, it's slowly breaking our hearts . Pink foil wrapped chocolates won't fix that, but you know who can help? Tulsi, Rose, and Hawthorn. Together, they make a LOVE POTION, not just for you, but for others too. An elixir to help us heal the grief of others, the selfishness and greed, the intolerance and hatred that is getting too hard to deal with. Come and learn what these herbs are all about, and leave with a full heart, and hopefully the inspiration to right our wrongs that we do to each other, ourselves, and the earth."

Kristin is an expert Herbalist and teaches herbal education in and around Western New York. She is also the coordinator of the WNY Chapter of Herbalists without Borders. We are lucky to have her in the shop for a day, so come with any questions you might have!

Elixirs will be available for $12 a bottle along with teas, tinctures, and MORE!

Learn more about Reciprocal Roots here:

Facebook: Reciprocal Roots

We will have double punches on your Cats Like Us Frequent Shopper cards too!




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