Brand Spotlight: Mode Merr

Classic Retro Style Womens Pinup Dresses by Mode Merr Clothing The Mode Merr Clothing company designs dresses, skirts and tops for gals of all shapes and sizes. Their womens retro style dresses are perfect for that pinup girl look! Mode Merr Clothing is a women's retro style clothing company based in the New England area. They provide gals of all shapes and sizes with creative edgy womens pinup style clothing in the form of dresses, skirts, and tops. Mode Merr creates retro pinup clothing that can go from everyday wear to a night on the town by just making a dress or top off the shoulder. Read an interview with Angela of Mode Merr here! Mode Merr makes each womenโ€™s dress, skirt and top carefully by hand. These items are high quality, flattering retro inspired styles, and obviously made with love and care. Mode Merr is one of our favorite brands at Cats Like Us because of the wonderful quality, attention to detail and fabrics used. Plus their retro styles are handmade in the USA! We were lucky enough to meet up with Angela, the owner, when we were at Viva Las Vegas in 2010. She was a real sweetheart and you can tell how much she cares about the clothing. She likes to say โ€œItโ€™s truly amazing how many compliments you will get with a* Mode Merr pinup dress!*โ€