Brand Spotlight: Margarita Bloom

Margarita Bloom is wonderful retro vintage beauty brand for the all the pin up mavens and rockabilly cuties. Her retro 50s designed packaging makes any ladies heart skip-a-beat and they create beautiful and sweet smelling bath and body goodies that keep your skin soft and smelling oh, so lovely! Margarita Bloom is all about beautifully packaged, skin quenching, sweet smelling absolutely ultra fabulous body goodies that can be used from the top of your head down to your terrific little tootsies! Margarita Bloom is an online bath and body boutique dedicated to creating beautiful, eye opening, mouth gaping, sweet sniff-fuls of down right lip smacking pampering bath goodies…..and if that wasn’t enough adjectives for you don’t worry!! Check out Margarita Bloom’s lip gloss that are sure to help that pretty pout shine.