Brand Spotlight: Layrite

Hawleywood's World Famous haircare products including the water-based pomade Layrite. 

The great entrepreneur Donnie Hawleywood made a journey from local Barber to World Famous Rockabilly barber icon. He created the world’s best hair pomade — LAYRITE. Hawleywood’s make a full line of hair products for the rockabilly rebel. From water soluble pomade, shave cream and aftershaves. All great values because they perform great and smell even better. Layrite pomade by Hawleywood’s is the easiest pomade to use becasue it washes out with water for no mess! We have friends that swear by the stuff! Personally we think they run a little light, so if you’re used to a medium to heavy pomade you might go with the heavy hold. Adds the right amount of weight and shine without destroying your pillowcases. Hawleywood’s – “Put the look of love in your hair”.