Brand Spotlight: Auxiliary Magazine

Auxiliary Magazine. auxiliary = alternative, supplementary, to provide what is missing, to give support. Auxiliary Magazine is an alternative fashion, music, and lifestyle magazine available online for free and in print. This Buffalo based magazine headed up by Editor-In-Chief Jennifer Link, Auxiliary Magazine says, “We always had a love for the different, the unique, the creative. But from all sides we’ve heard what we love is on its way out, is suffering, is dying, is dead. Today an alternative aesthetic is seen more than ever. Yet the core, the base, the scene; everyone is telling us is in a sad state. Reality is what you make it.” Cats Like Us fashions have been featured in numerous Auxiliary Magazine fashion editorials as well as featured in the “Brick & Mortar” section of the October/November 2012 issue on pages 45-46. If you like alternative fashion that infuses everything from retro vintage to punk to goth and everything in between, check out Auxiliary Magazine!