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Retro & Vintage in Buffalo NY
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Meagan Kyla

What can I say? I'm a goofball gal who loves; sippin' on tiki drinks, pink flamingos, laughing, and I have a strange affinity for Ice Bats. My world is filled with cute and creepy fashions,as I really enjoy putting bats and spiders on my retro inspired garments. I truly believe that you should make fashion to fit you and your personality, not the other way around! Oh! and..... I am the fashion editor and stylist for the alternative fashion magazine, Auxiliary Magazine (check it!


Julie Ann

I am the creator and business mastermind behind Cats Like Us, oh and sometimes model. My background consists of almost twenty years of boutique retail in the managing and buying sense. I’m the no-nonsense, “serious” one of the bunch. I love modern art, the color orange, vintage and retro fashion, and I watch way too many horror movies for my own good (but not the remakes because they usually stink.) These are just a few loves that tend to come across in what I wear and what I buy for the shop. Really Cats Like Us is my personality all rolled into one store. I hope you like it!



Andrew enjoys classic B-movies, all sorts of music, graphic design and spends a lot of time working on the Cats Like Us website.



Judy is the newest addition to the Cats Like Us blog roll. She can be found around town, dancing up a storm in style!



I am a free lance writer and free spirit who loves travel,music, dance, fashion, and the arts! By day I am the Vice President of Denton Cottier & Daniels, the world’s oldest Steinway piano dealer. By night you can find me at concerts, dancing, somewhere outdoors, or wherever there is something unique and fun going on. I am endlessly curious and always looking to learn or try something new. I seek out mischief and shenanigans on a very regular basis. I have an eclectic blog at