Wolf Bait

Wolf Bait is where bad-ass and Kawaii collide in the form of; fabric bags, purses, pouches, camera bags, ipod, iphone, and e-readers. Wolf Bait’s leader of the pack is owner Kelly “Waffles” Wolff, who’s life-long love of sewing, fabric collecting and desperate need to de-stash, helped to create her brand. Kelly loves vintage, Kawaii and old school tattoo flash, which translates into Wolf Bait’s designs. Located in Philadelphia, PA, Kelly first started selling her creations in the bar that she worked, in which would constantly sell to the lady patrons. In September of 2005 is when Kelly decided to launch her original etsy shop named Hot Rod Handbags which later become the Wolf Bait we know today. If you like kitschy and cute, retro and vintage designs, and/or Japanese-inspired designs, give Wolf Bait a try. Kelly’s designs are the perfect addition to your rockabilly retro look, or make a great gift!