Tiki Farm

Retro tiki mugs by Tiki Farm. The very highest quality, best retro kitsch designs available anywhere. Tiki Farm is the largest manufacturer of retro mugs in the world! They offer a great assortment of very fun tiki designs and outstanding quality. Tiki Farm has been commissioned to produce custom mugs for literally 100’s of bars, restaurants, resorts & luau’s throughout the world. Other companies commissioning mug designs to-date include: Disneyland, Mattel, Fender Instruments, Emeril Lagassi, Trader Vic’s, Don Ho Enterprises, Cheeseburger in Paradise, the House of Blues and many others. Just proves they are the nicest people to work with! Cats Like Us regularly stock new mugs as they become available, since we like them so much! They are great additions to any retro style tiki bar mug collection!