The Oblong Box Shop:

Offering unique, handmade clothing is nothing new but what really sets The Oblong Box Shop apart is that her skirts are handcrafted, right down to the designs on the fabric. Denialle Von Fitch, the beauty and brains behind the brand, illustrates the designs you see on the garments herself. Whilst this might seem like a laborious task, such creativity comes naturally to Denialle who comes from a long line of artists.

Drawing inspiration from the past, Denialle’s hand drawn designs are inspired by all things mid-century, kitsch and tiki. From John Waters’ pink flamingos to Plan 9 from Outer Space, Denialle’s designs feature everything from shrunken heads to tikis in space. With regular trips to Palm Springs, the incredible architecture is one of Denialle’s muses, as is the constant stimulus around her mid-century home.