Suavecito Pomades

Suavecito Pomade company is proudly made and manufactured in the USA based out of Santa Ana, California. A company with a conscious, Suavecito began at the height of an economic crash that left many industries devastated and people’s wallets a bit lighter. They too, were not spared, so the risk was great as they faced fierce competition starting a business. They wanted products that could sold to barbers and stylists around the world that would support them in a way where they would be making more profit than we actually would be by simply carrying our product at their shop. This is our way of trying to help keep the tradition of barbering alive. Suavecito Pomade’s slogan is, Holds Better. Smells Better. Feels Better. Better. Their products include; pomade, grooming spray, and after shave, all sold at Cats Like Us. Awesome scent, great holds for all hair types, incredible price, and great value. “Keep more money in your pocket. Invest in a company that is not about the fake glamour of life and instead in one that looks to be honest and equal.”-Suavecito