Retro Lovely Magazine

Retro Lovely Magazine - pinup photography and retro culture Featuring special editions devoted to a singular model. Click an image to shop online for Retro Lovely Magazine - pinup photography and retro culture Retro Lovely is unlike anything else currently available today. Their regular issues are without question the largest collections of pinup imagery you will find today -- "The Most Pinup Anywhere" (in print of course). If you find yourself flipping through your favoritve lifestyle publication, be it pinup, hotrod etc... wishing to see more of the pinup imagery those may feature... Retro Lovely is for you! This magazine caters to no one single pinup style. It will bring you Classic Cheesecake, Hollywood Noir, Cabaret, Burlesque, Victorian, Deco, Kitschy, Atomic, Bad Part of Town Rust Queen and every conceivable cross-pollination of these you can imagine. You will find models with and without ink in all manner of settings with all manner of props. You see, Peggy Sue got married and had a little girl and then a granddaughter and now that young lady is a lawyer, but on the weekends she’s a Roller Derby Queen and goes by the name Peggy SoSueMe. She also models and has a devoted fan base who wants nothing more than to pin up her photo as they lead their quasi-past lives. Pictured is the Kelvis Model Edition. Retro Lovely describes it like this: "This is a very exciting moment for us here at Retro Lovely. This is the first of a new series of products we'll be releasing called Model Editions. Since the beginning of Retro Lovely we've been listening, we've been watching and we pay close attention to things. Over our first year, we began to get feedback from supporters about certain models and then some models took advantage of our wholesale and consignment programs in a big way.This brings us to offering special editions devoted to a singular model. Kelvis is one of those models!"