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Tongue Out Tiki Necklace Cats Like Us
Tongue Out Tiki Necklace Cats Like Us
Tortuga Tile Works

Tongue Out Tiki Necklace

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These little faces just make me smile! Especially this one. He's making a "yuck" face with his tongue sticking out. I think intead of getting angry and swearing when you're mad, just make a "yuck" face. I bet it will make you feel better. No worries- this isn't like the Brady Bunch Hawaii episode where you'll have tarantulas in your bed after buying this, on the contrary, they will keep you smiling and wanting more tiki drinks! This necklace is a press molded earthen wear charm necklace, and boy is he charming. It measures about 1 wide and 2 inches high. The cords vary in color (as depicted in the pictures) some are tan twine and some are black.  They have knots in them to keep the pendants in place.  They don't have a clasp just a knot, so they can be knotted as tight or as loose as you want. The length varies just a little from 28- 30 inches at the longest.  All handmade in the USA and each one is a little different because of the glaze. A true piece of wearable artwork!

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