Living Dead Souls Clothing

Living Dead Souls designs a line of Goth and retro inspired clothing. Tops, bottoms, and dresses to add a little goth spice to your pinup rockabilly wardrobe — Gothabilly clothing!. (What is “Gothabilly” you ask? The name is a combination of gothic and rockabilly… a blend rockabilly-influenced goth rock. Find out more about gothabilly here. Our own blogger Meagan Kyla has this to say about them: “Calling all you groovy ghoulies, dapper cadavers and zombified pin ups, Living Dead Souls is just the ticket to infuse your ‘creature of the night’ tastes with a retro appeal. Living Dead Souls is usually found amongst most clothing retails of the gothic or punk persuation, but Cats Like Us doesn’t leave the gothabilly’s out (oh yes, we do exist!)” ( full blog post ‘Living Dead Souls—Cute but Creepy’ here ) Cats Like Us carries lots of Living Dead Souls styles sure to please the gothabilly goddess or horror pin-up girl in all of us!