Lil Darlin Accessories

Retro Hair Bows and Sweater Clips Lil’ Darlin’ Accessories was created by a stay-at-home mom who needed to find a way to use her creative talents to make things that she really loved and wanted to share with others who are interested in the same rockabilly / pinup style that she has been into for the past 11 years. Instead of making the usual hair flowers that every one seems to be making and wearing, she wanted to create retro style creations that are not easily found any more or items that she has been dreaming about and wanted to see them come into fruition. Lil’ Darlin’ Hair Bows and Sweater Clips are made with fun ribbons and homemade buttons. Each retro item is hand crafted, from casting the ceramic to painting each detail on the Pin Gurlz Pins, to drafting the patterns, cutting and sewing the Dannas, every item listed here is made with pride. These are recent additions to the Cats Like Us retro style accessory lineup and we are very pleased with the quality!