It's a Swindle Retro Sweater Clips

It’s A Swindle makes Accessories and sweater clips that are handcrafted and built to last. Every retro inspired piece brings you the best styles of the past for today’s rockin’ gal. A lot of the inspiration for these creations comes from classic hollywood style found in the movies. Anything trashy, classy, schlocky and gorey. Beach movies, 40’s romance flicks, 50s b movies, slashers, all kinds of horror in general. But you dont have to be a horror fan to enjoy these accessories. The unique retro sweater clips make a great addition to a 50s style wardrobe or pinup gilr outfit. The sweater clips in particular have been flying off the shelf at Cats Like Us — with good reason. These aren’t you gram’s sweater clips — they are very high quality with unique details that are sure to get you noticed.