Heart of Haute (formerly Heartbreaker Fashion)

Retro-influenced women’s clothing featuring classic designs that encompass an everlasting fashion statement: CUTE! The retro fashions are some of the nicest handmade and most comfortable things to wear... ever. Starting with just one local shop based in California, the next year they added another in West Los Angeles. Now Heart of Haute Fashion is available at over a dozen stores in the United States and now at Cats Like Us! So go ahead, BE ADORABLE and break a few hearts while you’re at it! Heart of Haute (formerly Heartbreaker Fashion) became a fast favorite at Cats Like Us because the styles are functional ready for everyday wear. They come in a variety of great vintage-inspired prints in various fabrics. Be sure to checkout the closeups of the dresses to really get a feel for the fabric. We especially like the cotton ones because they wear well and are very very comfortable. And of course being handmade in the USA means they are top quality and you can feel good about supporting a superior US made product.