Folter Clothing

Rockabilly Clothing and Handbags by Folter Clothing Born in Los Angeles in the winter of 2005, FOLTER CLOTHING aroused the Rockabilly Style Clothing scene from its deep slumber with its elegant and edgy twists on time old streetwear staples. Challenging the status quo, Folter destined itself to invigorate the Retro Style Clothing world and to kick ass doing it! Manufactured entirely in Los Angeles, Folter not only supports local business it also offers the finest quality. Their Rockabilly designs were most recently seen on the cover of Strip Las Vegas magazine. Additional publications include: Teeze, Intimate Apparel Business, Tattoo Savage, Prick, Big Wheel, Punk Rock Confidential and HQ among others. While relatively new on the fashion scene, Folter Clothing shines as a fierce competitor. At Cats Like Us, we have picked up Folter Clothing’s line of purses and handbags because of their edgy take on classic styles. They are sure to be a staple of any Rockabilly gal’s retro wardrobe. Quality is very good and prices very reasonable!