De Tiki

Custom Tikis, retro decor and Wooden Hand Bags by de Tiki De Tiki is the dynamic duo Justin and Sarah Tanner, Florida based makers of custom carved handbags, decor and tikis. Justin is an avid primative tiki collector-turned-carver who started making custom wooden purses to replace a broken one for Sarah. It turned out so well they just continued to keep making them! The purse designs which are hand carved from found wood, painted and numbered. They are very well made and totally unique. One of the things de Tiki prides themselves on with their handmade purses is the heavy duty life long nature of a wooden box purse. They are painstakingly made, with every detail is as perfect while still keeping it primitive and unique looking. There is a huge amount of work and imagination that goes into each handbag and every purse is a fun and long lasting item. We loved the tiki purses so much that we commissioned a custom kitchy design carved just for Cats Like Us! All I can say is what an amazing work of art that’s FUN-ctional — the coolest handbag you’ve ever seen! Much like the vintage wooden box purses, these are heavy-duty life-long pieces. It’s carved on both front and back with a 3D black cat head and tail with green eyes and a little pink nose. This kitty is surrounded by carved turquoise atomic stars and the word “meow” in 3D! De Tiki can be found at the Hulikou and Ohana, Luau at the Lake tiki events. If you see them tell them Cats Like Us sent you!