Lip balms and perfumes by Bloodbath

Bloodbath is a San Diego based bath and body company who's tag line reads, “Your flesh is dying for it....”, is not only catchy, but your skin (dead or alive) will thank you. Whether you love zombies, horror, or just have a morbid sense of humor, Bloodbath products really are to die for...har, har! Bloodbath's bath and body products are hand made with the finest quality organic oils and are paraben and nut-oil free. "Every day is Halloween at Bloodbath", and it sure is with names like; Death by Chocolate, Coffin Candy Lip Embalm, and Sinister Spa solid perfume. Check out our Bloodbath products at Cats Like Us, they are sure to please all the zombies, horror lovers and apocalypse fiends in your life! No one wants to smell like skeleton rot, P.U!