Black Market Art Co

Black Market Art Company is a Tattoo Art Clothing Company, started by Mark Malott. Black Market Art Company also known as Lowbrow Art Company was started in May of 2005 because of Mark’s passion for Tattoos and Tattoo Art. The Black Market Art Company is proudly Made In America, as all of their designs are hand made originals created specifically for their line by some of today’s top tattoo artists. The sort of imagery you can find on Black Market Art Company’s t-shirts include; Dia de los Muertos, old school tattoo art, sailor and nautical themes, pin up and side show art, just to name a few. The artwork is created big and bold and is easy to distinguish even at a distance by the people who know tattoo art; Tattoo Artists. You will not find any clip art taken from non-copyright books or graphic designers interpretation of tattoo art. All designs are signed by the artist and printed on the clothing. All our clothing has a hang tag with the artist’s name and contact information. The Black Market Art Company makes both men and women’s fashion as well as children’s clothing, which is sold on their website. If you like tattoo’s, tattoo art, rockabilly fashion and bright or bold colors, these guys are for you.