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Cats Like Us retro style clothing featured in the next Diamond Bettys calendar

Posted Andrew Davis

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Cats Like Us has just confirmed that they will be advertising in the next Diamond Bettys calendar!!

The Diamond Bettys are a 1940's and 50's Pin Up Doll Group!! Their style of entertainment starts with Betty Grable in the 40's and ends with Bettie Page in the 50's -- hence the name The Bettys. They're sure to bring a smile to your face!

Every year The Diamond Bettys produce a pinup style calendar. In this year's calendar each month will be a vintage styled ad. Cats Like Us will be the month of May, featuring a Betty in our retro style clothing!! See our retro style clothing featured in the calendar here.

The calendar will be on sale at Viva Las Vegas, through the Diamond Bettys, and on the Cats Like Us web store. Keep your peepers on our website for the calendar sale announcement!

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